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J. Meade & Company advises on all aspects of taxation from compliance services to tax planning and consultancy. Our taxation services are delivered by fully qualified tax consultants, accountants and tax technicians. Our innovative thinking and problem solving helps us structure your affairs in a tax efficient manner and therefore minimise your tax liabilities. We also ensure that all your compliance needs are met and that all relevant tax claims are made. We provide taxation services to a range of corporate clients, personal clients and trusts.

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We have considerable experience in advising on all aspects of taxation, including:

We advise a wide range of personal tax clients resident in Ireland and abroad on all aspects of personal tax issues, including:

  • Private individuals including high net worth individuals;
  • Individuals subject to the high earners restriction;
  • Senior executives;
  • Sole traders and partnerships;
  • Lloyd’s underwriters;
  • Employment taxes including share based remuneration;
  • Property and capital allowances;
  • International tax;
  • Non-residents, expatriates and non-domiciled individuals;
  • Value Added Tax;
  • Capital taxes – Capital Gains Tax, Capital Acquisitions Tax and Stamp Duty;
  • Retirement/sale of businesses;
  • Succession planning;
  • Trusts;
  • UK tax returns

We advise a wide range of corporate clients from start-up companies to large groups and multinationals. We advise on:

  • Business start-ups;
  • Tax planning and compliance for companies, groups and multinationals;
  • Business succession and extracting value from your business;
  • Foreign direct investment;
  • Intellectual property and the research and development tax credit regime;
  • Structuring of transactions;
  • Transfer pricing;
  • Expanding your business overseas;
  • International tax;
  • Withholding taxes including foreign withholding tax reclaims;
  • Group restructures and amalgamations

We advise on all aspects of VAT including:

  • Intra-community acquisitions and dispatches;
  • VAT on property and the Capital Goods Scheme (CGS scheme);
  • VAT rates and VAT recovery;
  • VAT compliance;
  • VAT health checks and Revenue VAT audits.

We advise on Capital Gains Tax (CGT) Capital Acquisitions Tax (CAT) (Gift and Inheritance Tax) and Stamp Duty including:

  • CGT planning and compliance;
  • CGT exemptions and reliefs;
  • CAT on gifts and inheritances;
  • CAT exemptions and reliefs;
  • Passing wealth to the next generation;
  • Stamp Duty.

We have been involved in numerous Revenue audits, desk reviews and investigations and have unparalleled experience in advising personal and corporate clients on Revenue audits, investigations and interventions and in dealing with Revenue. We can advise you on how to approach a Revenue audit or intervention, how to make a prompted or unprompted disclosure and manage the engagement until such a time as the case is closed. We have experience in:

  • Revenue audits and investigations;
  • Revenue eAudits;
  • Revenue enquires and interventions;
  • Special investigation such as Bogus non-resident accounts, Deposit interest reporting, Undeclared funds invested in Life Assurance Policies and undeclared offshore assets;
  • Prompted and Unprompted disclosures.

J. Meade & Company provides tax consultancy services to professional firms including accountancy firms, financial advisors and solicitors. This allows professionals deliver quality tax advice to their own clients. We can work directly with the professional or directly with the client if preferred. Examples of some of these services include:

  • Managing and closing difficult Revenue audits and investigations;
  • Advising on tax efficient sale of businesses;
  • Tax advice and compliance on death cases;
  • Tax advice on divorce cases and court settlements;
  • Providing tax advice on termination packages and contracts of employment;
  • Advising on the tax implications of transactions;
  • International tax advice including advising on double tax treaty issues;
  • Tax advice to Personal Insolvency Practitioners (PIPs) on Debt Settlement Arrangements (DSAs), Personal Insolvency Arrangements (PIAs) and Bankruptcy.

Our tax team has vast experience on advising on all aspects of international and cross-border taxation which includes the following areas:

  • Interpretation and application of Double Tax Agreements;
  • International tax structuring for businesses including holding company structures;
  • Investing in and expanding from Ireland;
  • Transfer pricing;
  • Exploiting IP rights and tax efficient IP structuring;
  • Tax efficient profit and dividend repatriation;
  • Financing structures;
  • Personal tax including non-domicile tax planning;
  • Secondments and international assignees.

Benefits of Company Taxation

The team at J. Meade & Company are experts on all things tax related. We have specialists in every area of corporate finance who can help to ensure your business meets all tax laws and regulations. The advantages of seeking professional advice is that you will have access to our vast knowledge, and be able to optimise your tax plans so that you are making things easier and more cost effective. We will help simplify the process and avoid you paying too much.

There are a lot of different types of company tax to consider, so consulting with experts will save you time, and ensure that your financial systems are set up efficiently. This will help you avoid any tax liabilities, or unintended issues with local laws and regulations. Our corporate finance specialists can help you set up your businesses systems in the most cost effective, risk free, transparent way.

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